Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2016

V/A - Look at all the children now

Underrated compilation from early 90´s. Evacuate Records released the first Yuppicide single, which was back then a fresh and new sound, at least to me. This record compiles some more of those bands with similar sound and attitude. Some songs have aged well, others not, but all in all a comp worth to pick up.

This is the screenprinted limited version, which looks at lot better than the regular version which I bought when it came out. This version is limited to 500 and besides the screenprinted cover, it came on white vinyl (regular version is black) and is handnumbered on the backside.

The best track is the cover version of OMD´s "Electricity" by Go! - which is for me the best track from Go! btw., but somehow it seems I am alone with this opinion. Moondog was described as the missing link to Quicksand - I never liked Quicksand btw. Citizens Arrest, Rorschach - essential sampler if you like those.

Included is a big booklet, and seeing all the shit happening today the title of the comp is somehow visionary -

Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2016

Cider - Discography


Cleveland early 90's. Cider came out as a somewhat sideproject with guys from Inmates, Darvocets, Integrity, and so on. With their aggressive 80´s Punk sound I don´t think that too many people cared, because it wasn´t exactly what was en vogue back then, with Grunge and the fifth wave of Straight Edge clones and Metalcore and Screamo guys. But then, on the other hand, Cleveland was and still is not only Holy Terror HC, so I think they had a bit of cult followers. Anyway, it´s great pissed-off Punk.

First row is the first  ep, self-released on their own Non-Commercial Records. Second row is their 2004 ep on Painkiller Records "They are the enemy" and third row is their "recent" 2011 ep on SPHC "3rd Reichord 19 Years".

The first EP is limited to 300 and has a ton of variants. I have seen red covers ("Jew Boy Three"), green covers, black covers and maybe some more. Vinyl is all the same black. There was a recent reissue with some of the cover variations. I don´t have that.

The cover looks like as if they have used some kind of linoleum cuts, which would also explain the different color versions. Close up of the front cover. Inside the cover each (? at least my copy so I assume each) is handnumbered /300. Long lives DIY.

This is Painkiller Records # 6. "Ugly, stupid, angry American hardcore for ugly, stupid, angry people. This band shouldn’t need any introduction unless you are bad at listening to American hardcore. If that’s you, just know that these lovely mongrels were/are in most of your favorite Cleveland bands, they’ve got a proven track record that you can believe in and this record doesn’t disappoint."

Numbered 104/100. I love that tiny little bomb symbol, which also appeared on the cover of their first single. 104 gold, 403 black vinyl. I need that test press /11 because it has a different cover.


I also love this release. Very iconic. I am not sure which vinyl color option is my favorite, but I tend to gold. Check this interview out for more background.

200 on clear, 300 black.

Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2016

Last Rites - This is the reaction LP

Another UKHC record and one that isn't that known; another good score for me. I've had their first single for quite a long time, but was several times outbid by ebay on this one. And that damn thing just did not appear on Discogs for years. Then suddenly it popped up earlier this year for a reasonable price. Since then, I watched it at least 6-7 times on Discogs or Ebay. OK, the asking prices usually suck, but hey, it's record collecting, where you drop too often too much money, right?

Scottish HC Punk with heavy Punk vibes. It's unbelievable how they evolved from more 77 style Punk on their first single (check "we don't care" - what a great song) to this hardboiled shit.

Whoever was responsible for the cover art, he did a real dirty job. I counted at least 5 different fonts, the pictures seem to be randomly spread all over the cover, yeah, you can say, he really had no clue what he or she was doing. At least, the color is outstanding and I can't remember another record that has such a color. So iconic.

Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2016

Chaos UK - Burning Britain

Some of the current "NWOBHC" bands hype made me want to listen to some real deal original old stuff. Not that I don´t like the current bands, but unlike Revelation stuff everybody kneels down to, many many old bands seem to be underrated and forgotten nowadays. I remember that again and again, but it´s just one of the "goals" of this blog (if it has any ...). OK Chaos UK is not that unknown and forgotten, but I just pulled it out of my singles box and .... yeaahh, it´s great. The drums are sooo brutal ...

I never wasn´t a big fan of Riot City Records and UK82HC, but I was surprised how good and fresh this single sounded, so maybe I have to revise my opinion ... Also check this single for more great UK82HC Riot City stuff ...

Montag, 10. Oktober 2016

Sub Zero - s/t 7"

Sub Zero was a NY based Metalcore band that started around 1989 and released subsequently and are still active or reunited. Shared some members with NY´s Breakdown.

This is their first single on Inner Journey Records, commonly referred to as "Ice-Age" 7". There´s a black and a limited blue pressing, and this one, the "Dark Knight" pressing, limited to 50. The Dark Knight pressing had a different cover, was hand-numbered and every copy came with different Comic zines. It´s a nice touch that my copy actually came with a "Dark Knight" Comic, not a Detective story or so, so it fits right to the title of this special pressing .

Before I think 2012 it was nearly impossible to obtain a copy. Then 2012 someone found (see Marcus comment)  and sold a few of these on Ebay or Discogs, and prices dropped dramatically.

Freitag, 16. September 2016

Some new records

Some new purchases of the last weeks, in no special order. I´m too lazy to make different posts, so here´s a mixed bag.

I never heard of the Last Words before the Whydothingshavetochange blog reviewed this masterpiece of Aussie-Punk (see here). This is good 77 style Punk that sounds a lot like good old Clash. Really diverse and good record and thanks to Whydothingshavetochange for the advice. Bought this for 25 bucks, so good investment.

The new Dinosaur jr. sounds like it should sound like - Dinosaur as usual. This one´s on heavy rotation on my turntable i.e. mp3-player in my car. Best song is Left/right, the last song in the B-side. Relaxed sound with even enough sadness to listen to. This is the strictly to 100,000 pieces limited purple vinyl version. Nice cover art by the way.

Great debut by Boston Punx Cinderblock. Raw tunes, not too fast and with a singer who sounds like Eric Ozenne from Redemption 87. A must. Intense record, get it.

The new Nothing record is OK, although a bit too sweet for my taste. Where Deafheaven for example take the rocky road and make listening to their records an experiment, Nothing take the poppy-sweet side that fits right to the masses. Some might call this a masterpiece, for me its just another record to file under "N". OK if I am in the mood for popmusic. Strictly limited Euro pressing on "orange krush" vinyl.

I remember watching the first TV music broadcast in the early 80´s. Right people, that was before MTV even started. I even remember seeing the Tom Waits video "In the neighbourhood" which is from that point until today my favorite Waits song. Back in the summer vacation I decided that I need it on vinyl so I just ordered it with 30+ years delay. Bonus: I had the option to order the original version, not a German license, which would have been the only way to get it back then. Tom Waits always had great lyrics, so let me close this post with this little poetry gem: "There´s always construction works bothering you ... In the Neighborhood, in the Neighborhood, i-n-t-h-e-n-e-i-g-h-b-o-u-r-h-o-o-d ..."

Mittwoch, 31. August 2016

Secret Syde - Erebus LP

Just to notify I updated my Mutha Records blog with The Secret Syde´s unreleased 2nd LP. This one should hang in a public place, but unfortunately there´s no museum for these records. This one never made it into the public, as there are only 4 test pressings in existance, from which only one was sold through ebay in the past decade. There are no tracks on Youtube. I really really hope the band will release this one some day, because it is a great and important release, and everyone should be able to listen to it.